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2021 - The Golden Era of Cloud Computing

The genre of cloud computing with its recent trends and updation is going to witness a massive surge in usage and so 2021 can be considered as the golden era of cloud technology.

The genre of cloud computing has emerged as a crucial or pivotal masterpiece in the world of technology. Since, its inception till date cloud has emerged to be a prominent tech invention that has potentially and positively impacted the technology industry. Several industries and organizations either small, medium or large have successfully adopted cloud based computing system and have efficiently streamlined there mode of operations.  Moreover, after the hit of the Covid-19 pandemic the situation changed drastically as a large number of private as well as public enterprises trusted and shifted to the mode of operation through cloud computing.  

The role of cloud computing has never been more promising or essential in this particular context. According to a recent research by Gartner, cloud computing system infrastructure services spending is expected to grow from $44 billion in 2019 to $63 billion in 2020, to $81 billion by 2022—marking a sharp rise or exceptional growth in the genre as more and more ventures are now tending towards cloud computing system.

Cloud Computing - A New Normal Post Covid-19 Pandemic 

Thanks to the emerging trend of cloud technology that actively assisted us from keeping the economy and our lives from grinding to a halt. Cloud eco-system served several corporations even the small scale ones to actively operate even when the entire world got locked due to the pandemic. 

The upcoming years and even 2021, is going to witness a massive surge in the cloud eco-system. Individuals along with enterprises will thoroughly continue to rely on cloud based computing. From online or live video streaming, remote collaboration, smart sensors, as well as other cloud-reliant digital technologies in every aspect cloud technology is going to witness a rise and is indeed going to assist us in every possible way. 

Trends of Cloud Computing in 2021

Server Less Computing

Server less cloud computing is a procedure for implementing functions in the cloud on a required basis. The organizations highly rely on server less computing as it offers the space for working on the core product without the stress of operating or managing the servers.

Such a server less podium has the capacity to change the game of enterprise preferences and conception of cloud usage with endless merits. The global research and advisory firm Gartner also stated the rise of server less computing, marking the growth by approx. 20 percent of global enterprises.

Hybrid Cloud - Occupying the Center Stage  

As per the reports of Gartner, the global public cloud services market is about to shoot up by almost seventeen percent, and this particular genre produced approximately US$266.4 billion by the year 2020. This is indeed a staggering number compared to its previous years.

Where the authentic amount of enterprises utilizing hybrid cloud was around fifty-eight percent in the year 2019 and around fifty-two percent in the year 2018, the present year observed a huge augmentation. When everybody was discussing this new technological upsurge, the tech market also discussed about the increased demand for hybrid cloud computing service and its multiple benefits from efficiency to security.

The Current Vibes of Digital Natives

As per the study shared by Digital Marketing Resource Center, millenarian are expected to cover around 75 percent of the work-spaces by 2025. This data speaks for the trend of digital natives in the world.

With the advancing world and evolving technology, the adoption of technology is visible in almost all the work-spaces. The rise in the count is also due to the employee’s increasing demands. These digital natives demand more skill of cloud computing and every other tech advancement that comes in handy.

Essence of AI in Data Centers

Artificial Intelligence in data centers will see a rapid rise in the coming years. The I.D.C forecasts that by the year 2021, initial spending on AI technology will grow up to US$52.2 billion with a total compound annual growth rate of 46.2 percent from the year 2016 to 2021.

The utilization of Artificial Intelligence in data centers will serve multiple purposes like automating various manual tasks as well as deciphering skill shortage issues. Along with this, the AI resources can help the enterprises to learn from their past stored data and have productive conclusions.

With the application of AI method, there will be more sophisticated solutions to data security without the need for human intervention.