Privacy policy

The aforesaid privacy policy of the site explains the entire privacy protocol that you are going to follow as a visitor to the portal.

At IGMI Cloud we respect your need for online privacy and we pledge to protect any kind of data that you may share with us, in a suitable manner. This consists of individuals who visit the Company's web portal and visitors who register with us to use the Services of our products. As you are using the site as a visitor or customer you are venting your consent to follow the entire privacy policy of the site. Also, note the privacy policy may be updated from time to time as per necessity.

Collection of personal data.

As you choose to use our website and express an interest in obtaining additional information about our products and services we tend to collect some of your personal data or information. The company will collect and stack up against your personal data from the company’s website, company’s marketing activities as well as from filling up the company’s registration process. We accumulate personal information like your name, e-mail address, phone number, address, company name, marketing or brand awareness surveys, etc.

The organization will also amass information about the device that you utilized to browse the website, log files, information about the communication between you and other users, data about job logs such as device identification, IP addresses of the computers you are using, device identification number, type of device used while visiting the site, mobile network information, connection data, geographic location information, browser information, as well as website log data.

Usage of personal data

At IGMI Cloud we assure our customers or visitors that we very securely store your data and only use the same for marketing purpose as well as to measure the number of visits gained by the website, average time spent on the web portal, pages viewed, etc. Our portal will utilize your data for dispatching newsletters, develop and preserve business relationships with the user, acknowledge the user’s requirements, and also take care of customer satisfaction.

Privacy of data.

As you opt to utilize our service we ensure our visitors with a high level of data protection and data security. For this reason, we utilize the end-to-end data encryption process to protect crucial files and folders. At IGMI Cloud, we encrypt every transmission containing personal data using Secure Socket Layer technology or in short SSL. Through our website, we never assemble and stack up against your passwords, keys as well as your files. But if you have an account or business subscription with us and wish to recover the master key then we may access your encrypted content in order to assist you and not for any other purpose.

Protection of Intellectual property.

The term “Intellectual Property” in this case mentions the domain names, rights in logos, trademarks, trade names, the content of the portal, or any other, inventions, business secrets, patents, and much more. At IGMI Cloud, we select to maintain a high-security zone for the protection of your intellectual right as well as business information about your company. Moreover, in regard to any company’s intellectual property, a user may not utilize or replicate any kind of company intellectual property including either a registered as well as unregistered trademark, any written content from the IGMI Cloud website, or anything else without any prior written permission from the company.

Changes to the website.

IGMI Cloud reserves the right to update, modify, suspend, change, and even remove portions of the portal content at any point of time and also can restrict the accessibility of the site and its use.

Third-party links.

This portal may contain third party links and pointers that are maintained by third parties. IGMI Cloud in this case does not operate or control in any respect any information, products, or services on such third party sites.