Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco DNA Spaces

Product by Cisco

Get more from your Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Cisco DNA Spaces digitizes physical spaces to help customers learn more about people (visitors, employees) and things (assets, sensors) within their properties using the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

With Cisco DNA Spaces, you can see what's happening at your properties' Wi-Fi adoption. Track the effectiveness of guest wireless infrastructure by measuring Wi-Fi analytics and adoption.

DNA Spaces ACT software subscription (Annual)

Industry’s most powerful location cloud designed to turn insights into actions. Get access to advanced business insights, digitization toolkits, APIs and partner app store. Comes with enterprise grade SLAs and Partner support.


DNA Spaces SEE software subscription (Annual)

Designed to give quick business insights to know and manage your properties better. Comes with an easy setup guide to get you started instantly. Includes both online & email support for peace of mind.



Business insights View metrics and indices relevant to your vertical that measure the behavior of people within a physical space. Right now metrics Gain a real-time view of visitor behavior at your properties. Benchmarks Benchmark and compare your property’s performance by group or historical views.